Short Story: Three Friends and a Bag of Gold

It is an old story. Once there lived three friends in a village. Their names were Jamal, Kamal and Arshad. They were very fast friends. All of the three friends were poor. They decided to make a journey to another town.
One day they set out on a journey. When they were passing through a forest they saw a bag lying on the ground. They picked it up and were over joyed to find it full of gold.
They decided to divide the gold equally among themselves. They walked through the forest. In the evening, they stopped for a rest.
They were hungry and tired. They sent one of them to fetch food from the neighbouring themselves. The man who had gone to fetch food, was very greedy. He mixed some poison in the food. He said to himself, "I will have the whole gold, I'll go to my village and start my own business with the gold I get."
When he came to his friends, they killed him, but, when they ate the poisoned meal, they
also died.


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